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Ensure you and your guests have a night that will be talked about for the rest of your lives.

Did you know in a study done by Brides World Magazine they found that wedding DJs are responsible for 80% of the impact on the wedding? This study also went on to state that a week after their wedding 99% of couples wished they had invested more in entertainment. To sum this up 99% of couples wish 80% of their wedding was different after the fact. Here at Buffaluv Soundz, we understand we are responsible for 80% of your wedding’s success. We have made it our passion to provide DJ service that puts our clients in the 1% with no regrets. Excellence is the theme of our brand and we aim to be there for you to help you live out the best day of your life to its fullest potential. Some of the techniques we use to provide this level of service to clients are

•Song selection - Playing the right music at the right time is a skill that will make or break the success of any event. The magical moments come to life when you find those perfect songs for the perfect moment in time.

•Microphone skills - strong confident and fun on the microphone. Make announcements on the fly. Introduce best man and maid of honor for speeches

•Coordination - being able to coordinate with other vendors and the venue as well as lining up the bridal party and keeping the event on schedule. Always knowing where in the timeline we are, what is coming next, and when it is coming. Making sure everyone is ready for all of these portions of the event and coordinating with the couples, other vendors, venue, and guests as we move through the timeline.

•Dance floor capacity - understands music for all age groups, can fill dance floors quickly, and can regain momentum quickly after slow songs. Years of club DJ experience paved the way for an innovative style of the wedding dance floor where the DJ can play all of your favorite songs back to back and mix them together so the music never stops.

•Friendly & personable - we love to have positive interactions with guests and family members. Who doesn’t want more laughs and smiles?

•Equipment - State-of-the-art sound system. Embracing new technologies always looking to improve the service provided by upgrading equipment and staying up to date with new technologies that our clients can enjoy. Your DJ must have a good understanding of all the equipment and extras that are part of the service to give the client the product and service that our brand is so passionate about providing.

•Booking & planning - we have created a welcome protocol for new clients to help them feel at ease for a nice smooth booking process. We want this to be exciting so we try to make it as easy as possible. We provide a detailed planning packet that you can download right from our website. It is for you to fill out and send to us. This will provide you with a stress-free planning process. This is nice because this is your DJ's handbook for your wedding. Anything you want your DJ to know can go in there.

•Understanding the job - The wedding DJ is there to provide service for the couple and their guests. Anything we can do to help make your day reach its fullest potential. We know it would be great without us but we just want to use our experience and expertise to amplify the impact on your celebration of love.

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